Thoughts on Vaccination and Nosodes


Written by Dr. Larry A. Bernsteint

All nosodes are a homeopathic preparation of tissue (or virus) that are used for many purposes. Some of the better known nosodes are Lyssin (from the saliva of a rabid dog). Medorrhinum (from a gonorrhoeal virus), Psorinum (from a scabies vesicle) and Tuberculinum (from a TB abscess or the bacteria).

Sounds pretty unpleasant but since these are homeopathic dilutions there is little to none of the coarse material in the remedy, merely the energetic imprint.

Now that we know what a nosode is, we need to address the subject of nosodes in place of vaccinations or heartworm prevention. Here there are two schools of thought. If you study Kent (a prominent homeopath at the turn of the century) you can draw a conclusion that, by giving a low level of a "disease" you prevent a more severe form of the disease from affecting the organism. Think about the flu. If you have the flu the chance of getting more flu is small since you already have it. If you are giving a parvo nosode you would hope that the same applies and it may. However there is a catch. You should only administer the prevention type nosodes to homeopathically healthy animals and these are precisely the animals that can fight things off on their own.

 To quote Groucho Marx, do we want to be a member of a club that would have us as a member? If they are well enough to get the nosode they probably don't need it. If your dog is strong and healthy from a homeopathic perspective and you are that worried about these viruses, then give the nosode as a prevention. I think the last case of parvo I saw in a dog over 7 months old was ... never. It is a disease of pups and most cases that are seen by homeopaths respond wonderfully to the correct remedy and fluids. I use vaccination nosodes primarily in acute outbreaks. If a dog in a litter breaks with parvo, I treat that dog with the appropriate remedy for parvo (usually nux, ars, phos or carbo-v) and give the nosode to the other pups.

I do not think rabies nosode is an accepted alternative in any state and the law is the law. Many states accept a letter stipulating the dog is under treatment and should not receive the rabies vaccine for a specified amount of time.

I have used heartworm nosode in about 30 cases for prevention and none have developed the infesta ion. I also have had hundreds of patients that are just under homeopathic care and no prevention have never developed the disease. I think that every case that has come to me for treatment of heartworm has cleared in 3-12 months. What about regular prevention? I think that it is a fair compromise in a healthy dog. I do not recommend it in ill animals under my care but see no problems with animals that are in more of a maintenance mode. I usually spread it out to every 6-8 weeks with no ill effects. 

Nosodes, vaccination and heartworm prevention are all controversial and much of that comes from our love and concern for our animal companions. Try not come from a place of fear or lack of understanding. Know that homeopathy can and does help prevent most of these ills just by making the system stronger.


Copyright 1999 Natural Holistic Pet Care and Dr. Larry A. Bernstein